Monday, October 26, 2009

Treasured Moments

Sometimes I just stop and say thanks for a treasured moment..this happened again this week.

The social worker called from the UVA Cancer Center and said I have a young woman from northern Virginia who needs to be kept over until Monday for another diagnosis. She’s here alone; she can remain. Her ride must return home. Can you help with these five days for her fee at hospitality house? I said yes. Does she have food money? The answer: She has $3.00 total.

On Thursday we sent a note to Dr. Weber at the Cancer Center for advice on what to buy in frozen dinners for a patient in order to maintain a proper diet to do no harm. I am aware of ingredients, since cancer has more than touched this family. He e-mailed back with a note that the Cancer Center Dietitian would relate information. The response came quickly and off I went to buy 40 dinners (Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice, etc.) for delivery to HH to supplement their can food and mixes (non-perishables) which are provided through food drives.

Those forty dinners will provide an opportunity for easily prepared hot meals for this particular patient and a few more patients at Hospitality House without funds over the next few days. That's 40 meals, an hour to shop, an hour to ice them down for travel and delivery to town… and the task was secured.

I was delighted with the kind note from Dr. Michael Weber and follow-up from Dietitian Carole Havrila; but, there was another person in the mix today who made me stop and take a breath.

While checking out at the local food market, the young man bagging the frozen dinners said, “Wow, you must really love those pot pies and dinners.” I smiled and said, “They are for a charity in town.” The young man stopped for a moment, reached into his pocket and handed me five dollars and asked me to buy a few dinners from him.

This kid, I learned is working two jobs, and going to school and just handed me enough money to buy a few more meals. It was such an easy, lovely reaction. It was also unsolicited and unexpected. I waited to feel the emotion once outside.

Winter is coming. The increase in lodging requests is rising. Many of those stayovers are waiting for a doctor to see them in the Cancer Center. Many will not have funds for a hot meal. This holiday season try to initiate a habit of just a few dollars for this very intimate and effective direct and immediate assistance program. Your generosity is needed. Your check, even the smallest, is tax deductible.

Blessings…Rev. Elisheva

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Whole Foods is supporting IHS during October 2009

This month without knowing when the start time would be, Whole Foods Market, 300 Shoppers World Court, Charlottesville, VA 22901, placed us on their list of supportive charities, and for the whole month your visits to Whole Foods can benefit this charity. Therefore, please allow me to explain: When a customer brings with them their reusable bags, you receive a nickel back BUT YOU HAVE AN OPTION. You can take that nickel off your bill, or receive a wooden nickel and give it to a non-profit featured in the store. There is a box located in the front of the store to hold these wooden nickels and they can really add up. Interfaith Humanitarian Sanctum signed up for the program, but we did not know how quickly we would be on the list.

This is just another way to develop funds for hotel rooms especially. October is turning into a very active time for lodging. As of October 20 (just twenty days) we have reserved during the month no less than forty-six (46 nights) in commercial hotels or hospitality house. 31 nights in hospitality house and 15 in commercial hotels. The month still has 10 days remaining.

Never has a wooden nickel meant so much for so many. Get your reusable bags and go shop at Whole Foods Market, and take your refund in wooden nickels for our box in the front of the store..