Friday, January 20, 2012

Have you been waiting for the right time to participate? That time is NOW!

It's So Easy to Make a Difference in an Infant's Life


Baby Smiling Happily
Very precious cargo needs protection!

Infant patients cannot be released from the UVA Medical Center without an infant car seat. It's the law. There has been no designated program for this indigent need; however, many families simply cannot afford this absolute requirement of a safety restraint system or a minimum amount of clothing when it's time to take their babies home. IHS is seeking to meet this "unmet" need.

What is the IHS objective?

When Teresa Bevins, BSW, in the UVA Children's Hospital asked for our increased involvement last November, we asked how many infant car restraint systems (car seats) would be needed in the course of one year. She immediately came back from speaking with all pediatric clinics, and  the emergency room that about thirty (30)  infant car seats was their best guess for 2012.
Previously, professional staff members had scrambled  to quickly pool their pocket money to purchase an individual infant car seat and some infant clothing.  IHS was involved throughout 2011 with collection of new and "like new" infant clothing for children 3 - 24 months, thanks to three main donors, namely Drs. Robin and Lee Kubersky of Philadelphia, PA; Tina Schweikart  of Louisa, VA; and Dawn Cleveland of Ivy, VA.  Collectively several thousand dollars of clothing reached  IHS to assist the effort.  Car seats are another matter; they must be new!

IHS promised to  initiate fund-raising for this objective quickly in 2012

A dedicated "baby account" was established earlier this month. Two donors in the Charlottesville area, namely the Marjorie Adam Real Estate Team and Katie Forman of StellarOne Bank,  immediately secured the account for the purchase of two(2) high quality infant car seats. Keith Rosenfeld of Hot Cakes Restaurant in Charlottesville originated and printed 500 multi-color informational cards to stimulate  interest.  So - we are off and requesting your participation.  The promotion has started and we have secured and delivered the first two(2) infant seats as of January 13th.  One seat has already left the hospital with a secure baby on board the family car.  It's never too early to initiate a worthy objective.
What if ... What if ... each reader of this e-mail set out as their objective to ask their office, their business, their church class, their club, their school class, their fraternity, their sorority, even those in their family to pool their change for just $35.00 ... THAT WILL BUY ONE INFANT CAR SEAT.  Just $35.00 this year is all it takes!


First ... Let's secure their trip home!

These quality infant car seats generally sell from $50-$60 each; however, Tammy Lee, Customer Service Manager at the Gordonsville's Walmart Super Center, volunteered the reduced price of $35.00,  immediately upon learning of the charity's objective and if bought by IHS.  Believe me, this is the best price available and we appreciate the discount.
Those supporters already contributing to the general IHS fund for lodging and emergency prescriptions are doing their part. Those numerous Scout Troops, Sunday school classes and school classes who are assembling meals throughout the year are securing the IHS food program. BUT ... for those who have not been involved in this valuable effort, please consider that it only takes $35.00 for one infant car seat in 2012.  Also, any used or new infant clothes can be boxed for local pickup or sent by mail or UPS to make this objective so easy to handle.  Don't you think so?

Now it's time to secure this minimum need and prevent delay in discharge of these patients.
Our post office address for mail and postal boxes is:



P.O. Box 163

Palmyra, VA 22963


For UPS or Federal Express boxes, send to  


Rev. T. Wade Clegg

c/o #37 Brougham Road

Lake Monticello, VA 22963


For local Albemarle and Fluvanna County pickup, e-mail us at  We'll work out a time for meeting. OK?



 Sincerely ... T. Wade