Sunday, November 18, 2012

November 14th - A Truly Productive Day!

The e-mail was brief but most satisfying

This past Thursday morning before 8 AM, we received a simple, but excellent notice from Whole Foods Market in Charlottesville, Virginia, which selected IHS for their 5% Day on November 14th.  The note from store coordinator, Kristen Rabourdin, only indicated a figure: The subject read: Donation.  The text read:   $6,893.36!

Under separate e-mail the following note was provided
I am humbled to be even a small part of the amazing work that you do. I am so glad we were able to partner for this fundraiser. The entire group brought a vitality and enthusiasm to our aisles, and I swear, I could see your smiles from the other side of the store. So as you thank me, I thank you.

With love ... Kristen Rabourdin,
Whole Foods Market, Charlottesville
Volunteers were generous with their time

A total of 57 people representing such a variety of organizations balanced their schedules in order to devote from 1.5 - 8 hours of bagging groceries throughout a long work day, which lasted from 8 AM - 10 PM. Some last minute replacements from student groups came and balanced out the afternoon and evening time periods, and as a result, many last names were not provided in order to properly say thanks.  However, please note participates below.

Albemarle High School Key Club, lead by Danielle Horridge, Key Club Regional Officer,  had 16 students participating during the 4-8:30 PM hours.  Thanks to Maggie Comberg, Savannah Kennedy, Michelle Moore, Hanna Shaps, Isabel Lee, Jennifer Leider, Morgan Cahill, Sarah Henderson, Taylor Colley, Cesar Vidal, Curtis Davis, Abby Egnar, Maura Davis, Elyse Duani, Aamna Kahn and Linda Cohen.

University Scouts, lead by Scout Leader Michael Gorman, had 9 scouts during the 12 - 4 PM hours.  Thanks to Mary Ann, Ariana, Aaron, Jennifer, Katherine, Cristina, Hunter, Mark and Patrick. Kyle Brendel, Service Chair of University Souts at UVA, was able to advise and organize  last minute participation, which proved vital for a busy afternoon at the store.

The Junior League of Charlottesville PIAD Committee participants were Tucker Petty and Kirsten Lorenger.  Also thanks to Beth McNew of The Junior League for putting out the word to assist.

UVA Medical Center staff included Teresa Bevins, Vikki Bravo, Sheila Ahmadi, Brenda Hardley, Elizabeth Stann, and Marc Hengartner.  Barbara Matysek represented UVA Hospitality House.

Individual friends of the charity who participated were:  Dawn Cleveland, Kristen-Paige Madonia, Phil Gorman, Paula Damgaard, Cecilia Leiva, Joscelyn Leiva, Lolita Holding, Louise Westervelt, Norman Levine, Marjorie Adam and Phillipe Adam. Special thanks to the two Adam teens, who spent two hours at a dining table and made personal cards for placement in the full-day meal packs which are delivered to UVA Medical Center every few weeks. Paula Damgaard deserves a special thanks for staying from 12 - 10 PM, a very long time of endurance.

All IHS Board members were present during the day for a variety of tasks. They included Elisheva Clegg, Margaret Gorman, Sam McLawhorn, Danielle Devereux, and T. Wade Clegg.

And there was Music

A special treat for customers and store staff was the entertainment, not generally expected for such a venue. But - this was a special day and deserved some professionals to set the tone.

Thanks to the following who provided such pleasure for all of us:

Sam McLawhorn, keyboardist, and frequently heard at Fellini's in downtown Charlottesville. Bob Gross & Hank Schutz, violinists, Piedmont Chamber Players.
Erica Cha, guitarist.

In Closing

This was a special opportunity for fund-raising, especially at this time of the year, as we seek to fortify our funds for holiday and the first months of the year for lodging and food needs for the indigent population who come to our area and find the UVA Hospitality House and Ronald McDonald House unexpectedly fully occupied.  Thanks for all of those who shopped at Whole Foods during this important day. The store is very generous  in assisting this charity, not only for this singular event, but also for its support for special holiday meals. They assisted us with food assistance for 2012 UVA Hospitality House 4th of July dinner.  A special "THANK YOU" is in order by writing to:

Kristen Rabourdin
Marketing Team Leader
 Whole Foods Market
1797 Hydraulic Road
Charlottesville, VA 22901

Sincerely ... T. Wade Clegg

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thanksgiving Shopping Day is November 24th at Whole Foods Market

5% Day is a Marvelous Opportunity for IHS

When a charity is selected as a participant for 5% Day, it is truly a time for celebration. Whole Food's generous opportunity means that our charity will receive 5% net from the participating store's take for that day. In this case it's  Wednesday, November 14, 2012,  8 AM - 10 PM.
How can You Help?

The answer is simple:  SHOP FOR THANKSGIVING ON NOVEMBER 14TH!  The store, which opened at its new location this year, is located at 1797 Hydraulic Road in Charlottesville. In case you are not familiar, Whole Foods has one of the most inviting buffets. Customers shop, then settle down to eat and enjoy their shopping experience with a variety of organically nourishing meals.  Once you've sampled the diversity of the daily meals, Whole Foods will enter your list of favorite restaurant stops for brunch, lunch, late lunch and supper.

And there will be Music

Volunteering on keyboard from 11 AM - 3 PM is Sam McLawhorn.  From 3:45 - 5:45 PM Bob Gross and Hank Schutz, violinists with the Piedmont Chamber Players will perform. From 6-7 PM Erica Cha will play guitar.  With a bit of luck and time to join in, we are hopeful to have more volunteers before and after these talented musicians.
We've been gearing up to assist for the whole day

As this message is being released, we have thirty-five (35) volunteers lined up for 2-6 hour shifts of bagging groceries, assisting customers to their cars, and serving as greeters  at the door and the IHS table display.  The new aprons have been imprinted with the IHS emblem, which all volunteers will be wearing while serving customers. Customers will also be given a leaflet as they enter to indicate which items can be used by the IHS full-day meal packet program. A collection cart will be evident for customers who wish to leave food items as they leave.

We still have a need for more volunteers

Shifts from 8-12 AM, 12-4 PM, 3-6 PM and 6-10 PM could use another 4-6 volunteers. This would allow for someone to serve as a greeter at the door, assist at the IHS display table, and take breaks from bagging during the 2-3 hour periods. Just e-mail us at
and suggest which time is most convenient for you:
  •      Needed 6 volunteers from 8-12 AM 
  •      Needed 6 volunteers from 12-4 PM
  •      Needed 6 volunteers from 3-6 PM
  •      Needed 2 volunteers from  6-8:30 PM
  •      Needed 6 volunteers from  8:30-10 PM
Sincerely ... T. Wade Clegg