Thursday, August 25, 2011

You Don't Have To Know Someone to be a Friend

Pretend for just a moment I called you personally and said, "There is a family down the street who simply can't balance their rent and buy groceries this week. I need your assistance."  You know me well enough from my past notes that if I stated this fact that you could trust that I needed your involvement ... and soon. I would not be asking for a specific amount, but perhaps enough for funding a day or two of meals.

My objective for the underfunded and indigent families who come to UVA Medical Center in need of food and lodging is ever increasing, but the absolute minimum need for full day nourishment is now 200 packets monthly.  These are the families just down the street caught in life's crisis as a loved one is being treated for so many desperate situations.

I constantly reflect on how I would feel if my child was laying there in critical condition without knowing what is to come, and all the time I was there without adequate money and hungry, ashamed of having to ask for help. Someone did call me last year; someone who sees this situation daily. Her name is Teresa Bevins, the UVA Pediatric Social Worker.

Please visit that appeal and scroll back to the "older entries" on our blog to April 26, 2010,  and read those situations which are on-going at the Medical Center. I still visit Teresa's comments and it never fails to cause an emotional stirring. And Elisheva and I never go shopping for groceries without picking up items for our own meal packets for the twice monthly delivery.

I must continue to reach out for your consideration monthly for as little as $5 to make a full day meal, or by organizing a family activity, kid's day in the neighborhood, a garage sale, or a church gathering solely dedicated to assembling food items for making  completed packets.

We are always ready to offer advice regarding what is needed and when to pick up or drop off. Margaret Gorman, Meal Packet Manager, has the pamphlet for guidance. IHS email is and our mailing address is:

Interfaith Humanitarian Sanctum, Inc.  
P. O. Box 163  
Palmyra, VA 22963

In case you hadn't guessed, we always put a note into each meal packet ... something personal to let the recipient know that "You don't have to know someone to be a friend."

Thanks for all that you can do to keep this opportunity vital.
Love... T. Wade Clegg III

SPECIAL NOTICE for UVA Medical and University staff, and all other state employees. The Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign (CVC) 2011 begins October 1st.  Interfaith Humanitarian Sanctum, Inc. (IHS) is a CVC charity.  To support our work for lodging, meals, co-pay etc., designate your gift to CVC

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Valued Radio Time

On Monday morning July 25th, Margaret Gorman's mother called her at 6:40 AM to let her know that she (Margaret) had just missed the airing of an excellent feature on local radio about Interfaith Humanitarian Sanctum's Meal Packet Program.

Then later that morning we all received calls from several UVA Medical Center social workers and staff who also heard the 3.5 minute feature while driving to work.  Only the early risers hear the really good stuff!

Those friends who receive our twice monthly e-mails, which are converted to the IHS blog site for retention for return and review or "listen," will remember several weeks ago when there was a meal packet work party in Ivy area of Charlottesville. That event which had about 19 volunteers assembling full day meal packets was graciously attended by Sandy Hausman, Charlottesville Station Manager  of WVFT /Radio IQ. Sandy took a large part of June 11th, a Saturday,  and spent time speaking and recording participants at the IHS work party. Then she put together this really informative feature for airing on morning drive on the morning of July 25th.

Regretfully, I am never alert for driving most mornings, and therefore not likely to hear much morning radio;  however, thanks to the miracle of "podcasts," this interview is retained for further sharing. We have retained it for you to hear below, but it is also saved on Click on News and Public Affairs, then scroll down to the story and click and LISTEN.

Please take three and a half minutes of your day or night and listen to the wonderful opportunity which Sandy Hausman has put together for sharing IHS efforts to feed patients and caregivers who come to the UVA Medical Center from great distances and too often are without funds for food.

Now turn up the sound on your computer and enjoy:

Radio Broadcasting
WVFT Radio Broadcast on IHS

Late Notice from Teresa Bevins, Pediatric Clinic UVA Medical Center

Teresa called at 3 PM August 1st...Social Work office cupboard has only 5 meals remaining. Last delivery was July 22 with 100 full day meal packets, so there is indeed a consistent need for supply. We will deliver today.

 A Final Reminder

School is out and scouts, Sunday schools, kids groups are not available until September to be able to collect food items and have assembly sessions. This is considered a "down time" for participants, but not for those hungry people we serve at UVA Medical. Therefore, if at all possible, if you and your group of kids or adults are not able to personally make some meal packets with direction from Margaret Gorman, then please know that every $5 represents a full day of nourishment for those mothers sitting with their infants waiting for critical operations, and so many families who enter ER each week not expecting the tragedy unfolding.

Please know that WE (that's you and me and Elisheva and Margaret and Patrick and Dawn and Sam and Tina and Sandy and Teresa and so many others) are all involved in something really good.  Thanks for your attention, and enjoy the radio program.

Blessings .... T. Wade Clegg III