Friday, April 10, 2015

Attention University of Virginia Health System Employees ... It's National Volunteer Week!

IHS will be present for the Employee Volunteer Fair on Tuesday, April 14,, 2015 from 11 AM - 1 PM.   Location:   UVA Hospital Dining Conference Rooms, found on the first floor behind the Information Desk and beside the West Elevators.  Share this with friends throughout the Hospital. Exposure of this silent public charity's role in support of the underfunded and indigent patients and caregivers through the UVA Medical Center's Office of Social Work is vital for meeting unmet needs.

A Note from Robert C. Larsen Strategic Relations and Marketing, UVA Health System
"We are inviting five charities/associations/foundations in the community that depend upon volunteers to deliver their mission. The focus is on volunteer of time and talent.

National Volunteer Week April 12 - 18th and the UVA Health System will be featuring several employees as examples by what they do for our community and beyond our four walls.  Given the caring nature of the employees, a volunteer exhibit on Tuesday, April 14th and I5th will have 16 local non-profits who can use additional volunteers in meeting their mission.  Each will be attending for a two hour time period over the two days and a schedule of which charity and their hours will be posted on the UVA Connect intranet for employees as well as noted in a Helpdesk message leading up to and the two days of the exhibits.  A table for literature for volunteering from each non-profit will be available both days in case you're unable to attend.

Since you're the first charity to secure a time slot on April 14th, please know that the 11 AM - 1 PM covers the lunch time and second, if we don't fill the next time slot and you wish to stay we could accommodate that quite well.  We are doing the advance publicity and signage at the door. This space is used very heavily for events of this type so that's in our favor.

This is the first time we've done a volunteer opportunity fair so attendance is questionable. It could take two or three times for this to be successful.  Part of the success will be employees commenting on how they would like to see this repeated. Nothing says it has to be only this one week a year so we could perhaps look at another round in September prior to the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign (CVC) kick-off in early October.   Bob"