Friday, February 14, 2014

Radio Interview Captured for IHS Friends

Air Time Exposure is a Precious Commodity ... Please Listen and Share

We were gratified to have been invited to communicate with a radio audience on January 10, 2014  in the Charlottesville, VA area.  Actually, there were two interview programs hosted by Broadcaster Marcello Rollando: "The Reasonable Voice, Blog Talk Radio (TRV-BTR)" and "Charlottesville This Week (CTW)" were pre-recorded the days before airing.  Only  "The Reasonable Voice"  interview is provided herein.  The interviews were similar, but in an effort to recognize so many who have assisted this charity, some groups may be missing from one interview and not the other; therefore,  those who heard the CTW did not hear all that was related on TRV.  Please  listen as time allows, get to know us and what we are seeking to accomplish with  Interfaith Humanitarian Sanctum.

A Little Background Regarding the Radio Host and his programs

Marcello Rollando is a Political/Speech Writer, Public Speaker, Radio Talk Show Host/News Anchor/Producer for Monticello Media and a Media/Communications/Theatre Director. TRV BTR is the Blog Talk Radio show that hosts discussions, panels and interviews with other reasonable voices. It is prerecorded by phone. It can be 30-40 minutes. The primary goal is to introduce to Central Virginia guests who love and are making contributions to Virginia, if not Charlottesville.  (703) 627-6687 (cell) PO BOX  6099 Charlottesville, VA 22906.

"Charlottesville This Week (CTW)" is the Monticello Media radio talk show that airs Sunday mornings. It is pre-recorded by phone on Thursdays beginning at 11:30 am. The Mission of CTW is to enlighten our audience with national and international issues that directly impact Virginia citizens where they live: neighborhoods, businesses, schools, both stage & movie theaters and of course, ballot boxes and personal human rights.  It is an effort to reveal national issues with beneficial connection to Virginia, as well as Charlottesville, while giving Charlottesville's presence a national reach.

Here is the recording in two parts:
Radio Broadcasting
Healing Reverence - Part 1

Healing Reverence - Part II

News broadcasts are aired on WCHV 107.5 FM  and 1260 AM.  Charlottesville This Week airs on different Monticello Media stations between 5-8:30am Sundays. CTW runs on WCYK from 5:20-5:40am runs from 6:20-6:40am Sunday on WZGN and WCYK.   Here is the URL for the new WCHV website,,   which in addition to Sunday morning shows/broadcasts, now has downloadable podcasts by the Tuesday after CTW shows air.

As a friend of IHS never neglect an opportunity to say THANKS to those who allow us such positive exposure. In this case the person who should be thanked is Marcello Rollando at e-mail