Wednesday, October 31, 2012

IHS Meal Packet Program Received BIG October Boost!

Henley Middle School in Crozet and Louisa Scouts Made IT Happen

NOTES from Henley Middle School by Amy Effland

Saturday, October 27 marked the 22nd annual Make A Difference Day, the nation's largest day of volunteering. At J. T. Henley Middle School in Crozet, students, faculty and staff have spent three weeks collecting donations of food and money to prepare meals for IHS.

Margaret Gorman & Amy Eiffeland Loading IHS Food Packages
Margaret & Amy moving meals to waiting cars
A group of students led by Brooke Crouch and Madison Crouch set into motion a school-wide collection drive. Money that was donated was used to purchase items needed to round out the meals, as well as plastic bags to hold the meals, paper bowls for heating soups and oatmeal, plastic spoons and napkins. Several students spent their October Activity Period writing encouraging quotes and notes of support to recipients of the meals.

Then on that Saturday, the school was open and the cafeteria tables were piled high as 366 meals were thoughtfully packaged into gallon bags, boxed and ready for pickup on October 28.

2012 Make A Difference Day Chair, Jennifer Locasale-Crouch and 6th grade teacher Amy Effland want to thank everyone who helped in some small way to make a big difference. We have already begun planning for Make A Difference Day 2013 with a vision of every Henley student packing one meal - tripling the donation of 2012!

NOTES from Louisa by Kathleen Church

The joint efforts of Louisa Cub Scout Pack 183 and Boy Scout Troop 183 produced 61 full-day meal packets during their gathering on October 24th. Jim Snider is the cub master, and Jim Harlow is the scout master.

This enthusiastic group of scouts and parents dedicate October and March of each year for the purchase and assembling of meal packets for Interfaith Humanitarian Sanctum's food program. The troops have now been involved with this on-going assistance for the last two years.

BSA Troop 183 meets every Monday evening at 6:30 PM at the United Methodist Church located at 301 W. 3rd Street in Mineral. All boys 11-17 are welcome to join us.

Cub Scout Pack 183 meets weekly each Tuesday at 6:30 PM at Louisa Baptist Church located at 305 E. Main Street in Louisa.

A NOTE from T. Wade Clegg III, President, IHS

This past Sunday when we arrived to pick up the Henley Middle School donation at the school in Crozet, we were met by Margaret Gorman, the IHS Meal Packet Coordinator. What a delightful surprise to have Margaret present, and holding doors as we carted out the large load of meals.

Margaret also handed us 20 more meal packets personally made by Annie Taylor, a Western Albemarle High School student. Annie explained that she made the meal packets for her voluntary community service hours required for Western Key Club and her Congressional Award. Many thanks to Annie for this personal contribution.

That's a grand total from the three contributions above of 447 full-day meal packets as we head into the November-December holiday season. With present monthly demand of about 250 meals per month, this is truly a wonderful way to end October for this hospital program.

A Final NOTE from Margaret Gorman

It should be evident how quickly the meal packets are used; therefore, IHS is delighted when other groups, businesses, clubs, scouts, church classes, school classes and families pick a month and plan to purchase items and assemble packets in this never-ending effort. The IHS Food Program has an excellent description and guide.

Sincerely ... T. Wade Clegg

Monday, October 22, 2012

When Giving Is Just A Matter of Shopping

Please download and post this shopping announcement on your refrigerator! THEN - forward this e-mail to friends in the Charlottesville area for the widest possible exposure.


Why? Interfaith Humanitarian Sanctum (IHS) has been selected for participation in Whole Foods Market's 5% Day! Five percent of the day's net sales will be donated to IHS.


Suggestion: Plan your Thanksgiving shopping for this November 14th (Wednesday). Remember also that Thursday, November 15, is a UVA football game in C'ville ... so stock up for guests.


Where and when? Whole Foods Market, 1797 Hydraulic Road, Charlottesville, VA 22901. All day as convenient. Store hours 8 AM - 10 PM that Wednesday, November 14th.


Some notes for consideration:   IHS volunteers will be in the store throughout the day, assisting with bagging groceries, and assisting customers in any way possible. Plus, we will have a table and signs for information on the IHS mission. IHS friends with musical talents will be playing sets throughout the day for your shopping pleasure.


The IHS Mission: Continue strengthening the safety net for indigent patients and families in need of temporary assistance with lodging, food, co-pay, prescriptions, travel and pediatric needs such as infant car seats, clothing, and electric breast pump rentals for uninsured mothers, who come from great distances for medical services at UVA Medical Center.


Just in case the recipient to whom you graciously forward this e-mail does not know:


IHS is a totally independent, non-religious, nonprofit, no stock, 501(c)3, ALL volunteer, public charity dedicated solely to the mission statement above. Working closely with the UVA Medical Center Social Staff, which screens and approves those eligible for assistance, IHS is the 24/7 responder when a social worker calls. Day or night for the last 1,580+ days since June 2009 no patient or family member has ever been charged for any assistance provided.  


Fundraising for a relatively unknown or behind the scenes charity is challenging ... but IHS has never said NO to a UVA social worker. People without funds for basic survival needs often arrive hungry and in immediate need of shelter, hundreds of miles from home and already suffering medically. Such situations must never be delayed for the next morning. Your review of the IHS categories of assistance is documented monthly at our blog site which is accessed from the website home page at Thank you.


Sincerely ... T. Wade Clegg

Friday, October 12, 2012

Quick Updates for Friends of IHS

Margaret Gorman is home and resting

Most followers of charity activities will immediately know of Margaret's last letter which was published first as an e-mail and is now on our blog site dated September 29, 2012 at Also, we have corrected her speech to a large congregation which can be heard by clicking on the microphone in the September 7, 2012 blog posting. It's only 6 minutes long.  Margaret is a board member and our full-day meal packet coordinator. Please scroll back at the blog site and read her notes and listen to the very moving speech.  

We received a short e-mail from Phil Gorman, Margaret's son on October 10th. He said,
"I'm writing on behalf of my mom. Her surgery went well yesterday and she's recovering in the hospital. We expect her to come home today."
This is good news.  Margaret is missed.

Need for Infant car safety seats has exceeded original projection - HELP WITH FUNDS NEEDED!
Teresa Bevins receiving latest infant seats at UVA
Teresa Bevins receiving latest infant seats at UVA
As of October 11th, IHS has obtained a total of 36 infant seats.  The original total projection for all UVA Pediatric Clinics in need of these safety seats was only 30 for the entire year. It now appears that as many as 50 will be needed before year end.  

Just to offer some insight regarding these seats, we have an arrangement with a Walmart Super Center for purchase at a solid discount, but because we only purchase 2-3 at a time based on funds in the Baby Account, we are forced on occasion to purchase the brands available in the store.  If we were able to purchase perhaps 6-12 at a time, we could secure the brand most reasonable and with a discount, and also secure the "neutral" color during the order.

Once again, normally the "premie" seat is about $50.00 and the "regular" seat is $35.00. When the most reasonable brand is not in stock, a single premie seat from some manufacturers can be closer to $60.00 even with discounting.  Remember - as nice as it would be to accept a one-time user seat from a contributor, we must purchase NEW seats still packaged when presented to UVA Pediatrics for those underfunded families to install in a vehicle when they leave with their child.  

One group heard our appeal last month

Leia Durland-Jones's classes (4 year olds - 5th grades) at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial UU Church made a donation through PayPal  on  September 12th of $200.00. The donation was voted on by the children from their offering money from Children's Worship for purchase of infant car seats. Their donation was used over the last few weeks for purchase of four infant car seats.  To all the children at TJM UU Church, thanks so much for all you do for the patients and families at UVA Medical Center.

A First Mention of Vital Importance  - mark your calendar for November 14th!

IHS has been selected for participation in Whole Foods Market's 5% Day at the Charlottesville store. We will need 48 volunteers to assist with bagging groceries, while wearing an apron showing the IHS emblem and assisting customers from 8 AM - 10 PM.  Shifts of 3-4 hours must be filled with about 12 people per shift.  Even if you are not able to help with the lifting job, please plan to come and shop for Thanksgiving early.  Remember - 5% of sales will be contributed to this charity for covering so many activities.  It's time to SHOP, SHOP, SHOP!

More details by clicking here to e-mailing us for the complete schedule and how you can participate. We really need your assistance. That date again:  November 14th (Wednesday) ALL DAY!

Sincerely ... T. Wade Clegg

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October is the Month for State Workers to Consider Workplace Giving through CVC

This announcement is important for all friends of IHS to know. It shows a very concerted effort by our small core group of volunteers to reach out to as many VA state employees as possible. Remember - this is a state university and employees are state employees; therefore, it is vital to increase support through knowledge of our mission.  Simply stated, we are serving the indigent population who come to UVA Medical Center from all over Virginia without adequate funds to balance their temporary needs while being served by UVA Medical Center.

Official 2012 Commonwealth of VA Campaign Logo
"Virginia is for Givers"
IHS is now into its second year in CVC ... same code 3648

October 1st was the kick-off date for this very important source of funds for all eligible charities in Virginia.  More than 1,300 charities participate in this annual campaign.  The CVC drive lasts from October 1 - December 21, but the month of October is the most important month for charities to introduce their charitable goals.  Employees may designate their gift to a specific charity or multiple charities by giving a one-time donation or through payroll deduction.

IHS is reaching out beyond the immediate Charlottesville Area through CVC Fairs

One of the most important avenues for introducing newer charities is through CVC Fairs. These one-day events are hosted by various schools, universities and state agencies throughout Virginia. Charities are offered first come, first serve space to have a table display and speak to state workers in that organization who are told in advance to take time to visit and learn about those who are seeking to make a difference.  The CVC Fairs are perhaps the most effective method of hearing about a charity up close and personal and receive information.

We are in constant motion during October to attend key CVC Fairs

Elisheva and T. Wade Clegg, founding members of IHS, travel from small DOT compounds to DEQ offices to state offices in Richmond and  to other university settings. On September 20, 2012 they attended the CVC Charity Fair hosted by VDOT Fredericksburg, VA District.

Looking ahead from today, they will be spending a day at the following CVC Fairs:
  • October 4 (Thurs) CVC Fair at the commonwealth Center for Children & Adolescents, 1355 Richmond Avenue,  Staunton, VA 24401  from 11 AM - 1:30 PM.
  • October 10  (Wed) CVC Fair at VDEQ Piedmont Regional Office, 4949-A Cox Road, Glen Allen, VA 23060  from 9:30 AM - 12 noon.
  • October 12 (Fri)   CVC Fair at College of William and Mary, 105 Jamestown Road, Williamsburg, VA 23185  from 11 AM - 1:30 PM.
Charlottesville and surrounding counties do not presently offer CVC Fairs

THE ONLY WAY to re-invigorate CVC Fairs in the Central Virginia area is for state employees to ASK for such opportunities to be hosted in their facility once annually. That means speaking to Department Administrators to consider exposure which is not presently provided as in other parts of the state, and also e-mailing the Director of CVC for guidance and support at  Remember the new CVC website is
For all IHS friends, state employees or not ...

Be aware of other opportunities such as professional meetings, civic groups, church outreach programs, scout troops, school clubs, businesses, etc.,  which would be open to a 10 minute presentation about IHS activities. An e-mail to us is all it takes to make contact for an immediate response. Thanks to everyone for your continued support.

Sincerely ... T. Wade Clegg