Friday, March 23, 2012

A Case Profile and First Quarter 2012 Update ...

Another example of why we are called for lodging assistance

Individual cases are altered for privacy, but it serves for you to know those situations whereby no other charity or hospital opportunity exists to assist. IHS responds immediately 24/7 to UVA Social Workers. All requests are screened and approved by Social Work staff.  

Case Profile:  Received a call late night from social worker KR, who was trying to make a plan for a patient who lives about 200 miles from UVA Medical Center.  Procedure would be scheduled for a morning, but because the patient would necessarily need to be in a room for immediate access to a private restroom for the overnight flushing of the patient's system, this eliminated staying at UVA Hospitality House (HH) for the one night prior to the early morning procedure.  Hospitality House does not have private restrooms, but is configured more as a dormitory, and this very personal preparatory method causes problems for jointly used restrooms.  Only option:  A local commercial hotel room.

The patient's only opportunity for the procedure is in Charlottesville. The patient is Pay Grade 1 (indigent) and not able to pay for a commercial hotel room. Patient has secured a friend with a car to drive and stay with the patient the night before. Also, the patient is not permitted to drive after the procedure which is about four hours one-way.

Social Worker Exchange at 10 PM: 

"That's the situation in order to have the patient secured and present for the scheduled morning procedure.  Hospitality House can't accommodate this situation. Do you think you could assist?" 
IHS Response:
"Certainly ... just get me the details for making a reservation."

Social Worker Return Call: 

"I have spoken with the patient and she is so appreciative for this assistance.  Patient actually started to cry."

Prominent numbers regarding  IHS Lodging Assistance (Jan. - Mar 20, 2012)

January 2012  Total nights booked in commercial hotels:      which served 9 people
                    Total nights assisting at Hospitality House 13   which served 2 people

February 2012 Total nights booked in commercial hotels:       which served 10 people
                    Total nights assisting at Hospitality House: 112  which served  6 people

March 2012    Total nights booked in commercial hotels:    10    which served 17 people
         No Hospitality Rooms booked in March to date (March lodging through March 20)

Update on Infant Car Seats, and a new unmet need in Pediatric Clinic

Baby Car Seats:  January-March  20, 2012:  IHS delivered  9  infant car seats and 2 very small infant car seats  to UVA Social Office for Pediatric Clinics.  Balance remaining in stock: 5 regular infant car seats.

Electric Breast Pumps: January-March 20, 2012:  IHS was asked to assist those mothers in Pediatrics who are not insured for electric breast pumps and have an immediate need from 1-2 months. IHS secured rental for two women during this first quarter of 2012.  

Update on Food Program (January - March 20,  2012)

UVA Medical Center IHS Food Program:  During this period a total of 538 full-day meal packets were delivered for access by all Social Workers through Clinical Social Worker Coordinator Teresa Bevins. Full-day Meal Packet items are purchased and assembled by volunteer groups. Cost for making one meal packet is about five dollars. The lead contributor for this quarter and the major annual contributor in Charlottesville was the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Church Unitarian Universalist  Sunday School students with marvelous church support. The Key Club of Western Albemarle High School in Ivy, Virginia was also a donor in February.
UVA Hospitality House Food Program:  During this period  total food purchases were $709.14. IHS consults with the Hospitality House Manager weekly to insure that adequate food supplies are in house for indigent patients. IHS delivers from 2-4 times monthly as supplies are required.
IHS Food program:  For groups such as Scouts, Sunday School classes, Day Schools, School and Private Clubs, Businesses, etc. who would like to participate during the year, please access the following link for a description of the program and another link for downloading a guide for making a full-day meal packet. This is an on-going project in need of many participants.

FINAL REMINDER:  Unless specifically indicated, money donations are directed to the general fund to cover lodging accommodations, co-pay and after hours prescriptions.  The "Baby Fund" account and "Food Fund" can be designated  by a donor when a donation is sent by check or PayPal.  Contributions by U.S. Postal System to:  IHS,  P.O. Box 163, Palmyra, Virginia 22963.

Thanks for your on-going consideration ... T. Wade Clegg III

Monday, March 5, 2012

Children Involved with Serious Giving

Exceeding Expectations - Notes from Margaret Gorman

Teacher and students working together
Teacher & Students working together
The children of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Church Unitarian Universalist  in Charlottesville, Virginia  spent the month of February examining the issue of "Justice." They explored the issue of economic justice and hunger, and they assembled meal packets to donate to the IHS.  Our goal was for them to put together 100 full-day meal packets over three weeks and budgeted for this amount. However, at the end of the first Sunday we were astonished to find the children had used up all the supplies and we had 100 meal packets ready to put in boxes for the UVA Medical Center .
Scrambling to increase the numbers

We scrambled to purchase supplies for another 100 meals. We thought this first group of children was unusual in their zeal and efficiency. We were wrong. After our second week we found ourselves with combined total of 181 complete meals sitting in boxes ready for the hospital.  Our church's Social Action Committee picked up the bill for our cost over-run but we still had another week of Justice lessons. We went shopping again for supplies and the Religious Education Program absorbed the cost.

Looking over foods to be assembled into packages
Who would have thought?

On the final Sunday we had very young children - first and second grade - assemble meals. We did not think they could put together 100 meals and prepared to ask the teen youth group to finish the task another week. Well, we were wrong. You can see photos of this group of children at work on our final Sunday. Note how happy they are! And efficient! The only bottle neck was they are still young writers so it took them extra time to write their greeting cards. Fortunately our photographer, Mike, stopped by the classroom and heeded the pleading looks from the teachers to help put the cards in the bags and seal them for storage. The total number of meals was 282.

Kids assembling packages together making a difference
Involving all ages in the giving programs

This is a fun and rewarding activity for all ages. Our church has now had children as young as two and three, and through our seniors, participate. Everyone understands what this is about and why it is important to help people who come to our community and  need our assistance. I would encourage any group of friends, scouts, clubs or churches to put together any number of meals for the IHS. The 10 meals we received from a preschool are just as welcome as the 282 that our church put together in our meal packet assembly line.

A Final Reminder

This program had a theme to explore and a minimum objective. When the enthusiasm is high and parents and church committees are prepared, the kids are a force to behold.  Visit the IHS Food Program and  link for what is involved.  Set a realistic objective and  pick a month when your church, club, business or scout troop can add to the numbers.  Remember - IHS needs about 250 meal packets every month.

Thanks for your attention ... Margaret