Monday, December 16, 2013

Special Treatment Center for Children needs IHS Help. It is Wish List we wanted to share ...

IHS has been asked to consider a method whereby Virginia's only  comprehensive 48-bed psychiatric facility for children and Adolescents, located in Staunton, Virginia, can be extended a separate "umbrella" status for temporary needs unique to their client's situations.

IHS was formed to serve underfunded (indigent) patients and caregivers who travel for treatment at UVA Medical Center, the state's premier teaching hospital. It is a totally non-religious, ALL volunteer, independent public charity which seeks to meet specific unmet needs through a close working relationship with Hospital Social Workers.

Interfaith Humanitarian Sanctum's incorporation charter allows for extending a helping hand for the underfunded population being treated in another state hospital; however, no funds for support at UVA Medical Center through grants or private donors will be mixed for support of CCCA.  A separate bank account for CCCA donations is being established, and in the forthcoming year IHS will explore grants which relate to mental health support for CCCA.

The new Director of Community Services at the Commonwealth Center for Children and Adolescents (CCCA) is Noel Dianas-Hughes, formerly Manager of Social Work at UVA Medical Center.  Noel visited IHS staff in mid-October and discussed her concerns, with the hope that IHS could work with CCCA's Community Service Office to stimulate more statewide awareness, especially in and around the home of CCCA in Staunton. She also came with a Wish List.   

CCCA  serves the entire Commonwealth as the only state facility for acutely mentally/behaviorally ill children between ages 4 through 17 who require acute inpatient psychiatric hospitalization.  These inpatients admitted to the Center are in crisis in their current environment. CCCA did not have an independent public charity to reach out to potential donors or serve as a conduit for donations for specific "unmet" needs.

Our objective of weaving a stronger safety net for immediate emergency situations can encompass this assistance to CCCA, as  described.  Whether short or extended affiliation is needed will be determined in cooperation with CCCA Office of Community Service, including which areas of support need a charity's participation. 

Thank you from ALL of us who rally behind each other ... AND SHARE.  

  Review CCCA's  Wish List below:  
  1. Two-four recliners for the CCCA lobby for parents who get stuck and motels in Staunton are full.  Recliners must be in leather or faux leather, new or used, for ease of cleaning.  
  2. 48 single bed size comforters, preferably in solid colors, would be so helpful for each child's bed.  Comforters should be new, washable. Can be lightweight.  
  3. IHS staff has ordered/ paid a wholesale manufacturer for delivery to CCCA a total of 40 teddy bears (11"-12" high).  This item was obtained for immediate use for seasonal presentation to the very young children being placed at CCCA.  IHS can generally negotiate price consideration, buy wholesale without tax and seek free shipping.  

  4. New or gently used toddler to teen clothing. The range of children sizes for items for this request is ages 4-17, including gently new/used shoes, and packets of "fuzzy socks." 
  5. New games, cards, crafts, toys, reading materials are always helpful.  One can always call the CCCA Community Services Office for advice. Call (540) 332-2111.      

  6. For underfunded families to sustain for a few days after leaving a child at CCCA, there is a need for no less than $500 in gas cards monthly. Denominations of $10 and $25 for Sheetz, Shell, Texaco, and Wilco Hess. Keep in mind that family treatment meetings and discharge of children require travel from all over the state and can be totally unaffordable for so many families.

  7. Also about 20 meal cards are needed monthly. Denominations of $5, $10, $20 for Subway, Sheetz, McDonald's, Chili's and Cracker Barrel. These businesses are all cited since they are nearest to CCCA location.

  8. CCCA has experienced a need for lodging for about 10 families for 1-2 nights monthly. 

Delivery information for CCCA and IHS:

glasses-boy-blocks.jpgDeliveries are accepted at the CCCA, located at:

1355 Richmond Road 
Staunton, VA 24401
Call Noel Dianas-Hughes, Director, Community Services,  at (540) 332-2111.

Charlottesville area (and surrounding county) donations can be dropped off at  the IHS storage office (not manned) located at:

105 Crofton Place (Lake Monticello area) 
Palmyra, VA 22963.

IHS will obtain a pickup for movement of a recliner, or arrange a time for retrieving items.  Call IHS to plan a delivery at (434) 589-4864 or e-mail IHS at  

Monetary donations designated for any items on the CCCA wish list can be made out to IHS and must be clearly designated: CCCA charitable donation. IHS will send a tax receipt letter for IRS filing as a charitable donation. All mail to address below:   

P.O. Box 163
Palmyra, VA 22963

or contributions via IHS PayPal for CCCA wish list at the donation page located on the IHS website:

Thank you for this consideration. 
Blessings .... Wade & Elisheva Clegg and Sam McLawhorn