Monday, February 11, 2013

Just Keeping You Posted!

A Quick Review of  IHS actions for January 2013

Donor participation tends to slow in the initial months
of each year, but the needs we provide do not slow..  Apparently, as the distance from the very rushed holiday period widens, the greater the opportunity for everyone to consider that indigent and underfunded families continue to arrive in Charlottesville for treatment at UVA Medical Center, often without adequate funds for food, lodging, prescription and co-pay, etc.  The month with Valentine's Day offers a terrific chance for extended giving!

 January 2013 statistics: 

IHS Lodging support:  13 overnight rooms which served 15 people
 (Total billing not received but estimate for January hotel rooms: $ 650.00)

IHS Food purchases for making meals  for Social Work office and for stocking shelves and office refrigerators  at UVA Hospitality House: $ 839.86

Full-day meal packets delivered by IHS  to stock Social Work Office cabinet:  192 meals
 (value $ 1,152.00)

New Infant car seats obtained and kept for Pediatric Clinic:  5 premie seats, 2 regular seats
 (value: $ 368.63)

IHS funds provided to Social Work fund for indigent prescriptions & co-pays: $ 1,000.00

There is now an urgency for donors to make full-day meal packets during February-March

From January 2012, we were so fortunate to have about 392 full-day meals which was the carryover  from December 2011. Those packets assisted with hospital deliveries for the first two months of 2012.  However, we had only half as many packets as we entered 2013, and our stock is now depleted. When this happens, we must dip into the food account much deeper for purchase of food items and then personally assemble in the IHS storage office.  Therefore, it is urgent that we reach out to previous donors, such as Sunday School classes, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Day Care schools, high school clubs, and families to consider us for collection and assembly sessions during the next 60 days. We really need your help for keeping the stock available for our every 2-week delivery to social workers.

Remember ... our average full-day meal packet need is 250 packets per month! Access our information on the IHS Food Program and the Guide for how to make meals and suggestions for items to include. The emphasis is on two entrees (microwavable cups or soup cans with flip-tops for ease of opening), one fruit and one applesauce cup, pack of crackers, granola bar, oat meal packet, a packet with spoon, fork & napkin, and all items placed in a Zip Lock gallon bag. The final important item is a personal "We wish you wellness" type note from the person making the packet.

Mis, Zoe, Reese (our neighbor) and Skye proudly displaying their work!
The single January donation of full-day meal packets came from one family!

Rachel Thielmann, a Charlottesville mother of three very productive and enthusiastic girls, twins age 6 and the younger age 5, called to announce that they had made thirty-five (35) meals over a period of weeks, and were ready to deliver.  So, Elisheva and T. Wade Clegg met this generous group for a visit in Charlottesville for pickup of their meals.  We also learned that the girls are eager to get to work on more full-day meals in the months ahead. Thanks ladies for your generosity!

Final Thoughts

Please consider inviting us to your school, club, church, business or even a family or neighborhood meeting in Central Virginia, and allowing us 5-10 minutes to speak to the group and show examples of full-day meals.  You set the goals for what is possible based on the size of your  group.  Whatever can be made over a period of a month or more will become a part of lifting our load for those who so very much need and appreciate having a nutritious packet to get them through their day.  If you need more advice or tips, simply e-mail us at and ask.  Thanks so much for your assistance.

Sincerely ... Thomas Wade Clegg III