Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Snows kept coming…as did the need…and the needs were met!

Allow me to come straight to the point. It’s cold, freezing, snowing and this is the third time in the last six weeks! Central Virginia and especially Charlottesville has been front row to each winter blast. Phones, electricity, computers have all been disrupted, and travel eliminated on several days each hit we took. However, business at the University of Virginia (UVA) Medical Center was as active as ever.

The Social staff at the Medical Center were not deterred, and as needed, each one reached us within hours even with excessive disruptive communication. You will be pleased to know that every request for assistance was met with a YES WE CAN!

We really do need your help. Requests for lodging assistance was and IS very active. During January alone, this non-religious, nonprofit, no stock, public charity with no paid staff booked 42 overnight rooms, serving a total of 32 people. Now it’s time to pay, and only a few consistent contributors remembered us.

As you know by now, as important as there are individual stories to tell as to how we assisted a patient with a child far from home, or a family with children arriving to be near a dying parent, this is the limit which can be stated due to privacy considerations. In several cases the snow simply eliminated travel home to West Virginia, southern and northern Virginia. Without our quick late afternoon and evening intervention with hotel rooms when children were involved or with payments at the UVA Hospitality House for patients to await a ride home, the ability to balance the extra days for these long distance visitors to this major hospital would have been non-existent.
April 15th is just around the corner. Your donation to Interfaith Humanitarian Sanctum (IHS) is tax deductable. Our tax exempt IRS letter is located as a hyperlink on the home page of the website. By PayPal or check, just keep a record of the donation and file it for the deduction.
Most of you may not think of becoming a benefactor for a charity, but a consistent monthly bequest personally or from your business could truly make this endeavor so fundamentally sound…and always allows us to say YES. Whether $10 or more…it’s the consistency which is so very important.

Love…Rev. Elisheva