Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tabletop Display last Friday in UVA Medical Center's Main Lobby

Attention Charlottesville UVA Health System Employees
The Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign (CVC) is in full swing.  IHS is the totally independent, All-volunteer, non-religious, 501(c)3 public charity  invited to highlight and raise awareness for healthcare workers this past Friday, November 11, 2016, from 2:30 - 4:30 PM in the Dining Conference Room which is located near the information desk in the main lobby.  Simply check with the Information desk to point out the exact location.

That rare opportunity annually for IHS to say Hello to Hospital Staff!

Since June 2009 Interfaith Humanitarian Sanctum (IHS) has been serving indigent and underfunded UVA  patients and their caregivers  who must travel considerable distances for treatment at the UVA Medical Center. IHS is that silent charity on call 24/7  which is dedicated and accessed by the Hospital's entire Social Work staff when no other agency, clinic, charity or resource is available to provide immediate temporary assistance. Because of IHS's  immediate access, Social Workers have been able to provide  the least able with immediate lodging, food, co-pays, and other must-have requirements to balance their ability to sustain themselves immediately upon arrival.  ALL infant car seats for underfunded parents who must obtain a new car seat prior to release of their infants from Pediatric Clinics at the Medical Center have been provided by this charity for the last five years.

Serving hundreds annually with lodging assistance and thousands with food ...

There is NEVER a charge for assistance when IHS is called by a Social Worker for assistance. Those who are provided lodging do not know who is assisting them with payment for a room in UVA Hospitality House or as needed a commercial hotel room.  They only know that their Social Worker contact has reached out to a resource and secured their need. The same is true when an underfunded out-patient and family member does not have adequate funds for food, and the Social Work staff will take a "full-day meal packet" from the Social Work Office in the main hospital.  IHS provides from 150-300 meal packets monthly, as  needed.

Your giving through CVC annually will keep this vital partnership active. The CVC Code for Interfaith Humanitarian Sanctum (IHS) is 3648.    Thank you!

Please remember that all of us at IHS are non-paid volunteers, and we are all donating what we can to IHS personally. Also remember - for transparency we hold the "Gold Seal of Approval" from the Guidestar.org national clearing house. Please do what you can. And, if you would like to donate now to our cause, please click the button below to go to our encrypted secure on-line donation form.

Thank you so much for your ideas and invitations to expose this charity's vital mission. NEVER shy away from seeking gift-giving from others when you know it will serve the needs of the least able.

Sincerely, T. Wade Clegg III and Sam McLawhorn