Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's All About a Cummulative Collection of Giving

We have many people to thank for food donations recently, and it's a pleasure to continue to recognize groups, families and individuals in this never-ending challenge. It is our hope that readers of this very intimate blog entry will recognize what "cumulative" really means.

J.T. Henley Middle School Concludes "Make a Difference Day" Project

Our friends at J. T. Henley Middle School in Crozet, VA recently sent over 21 meals. This concludes their remarkable "Make a Difference Day" project, coordinated by Amy Effland.  This was an ambitious project, and Amy had to organize it quickly. It called for a lot of communication and flexibility and involved many people from different parts of the school.  In all we received 322 meals from Henley.  

Local Family Helps Out

We also want to thank Amy Effland and her family, John, Ryan and Connor, for the 25 additional meal packets that they assembled at home. That's a very nice surprise to come home from work and find three large boxes of meals sitting on the porch. They are much appreciated and will be go over to the Medical Center soon.

Monticello District, Boy Scouts of America

Boy Scout Roundtable Charlottesville
Boy Scout and Cub Scout leaders with meal packets they assembled at their monthlyh Roundtable in Charlottesville, VA
Our local district of the Boy Scouts of America holds a monthly "Roundtable" meeting for leaders. Last December, 2010, I introduced the meal packet project at Roundtable.  I developed them using my training as a Boy Scout Leader and backpacking experience with the Scouts. In backpacking and in assembling IHS meal packets the goal is compact, non-perishable food that is simple to prepare, filling and nutritious.
This year, 2011, my husband Mike arrived at the December Roundtable to find a meal packet assembly line set up.  Scout leaders told the group about how their youth had helped over the past year and talked about their goal of continued assistance. Everyone had the opportunity to fill bags with food and Mike came home with 50 meals and extras items that I combined with supplies from my stash to come up with a total of 53 meal packets.

Thank you so much to the Monticello District of the Stonewall Jackson Area Council, Boy Scouts of America. Special thanks to Peggy Ives, Roundtable Commissioner, and the other people who shopped for and laid out the meal packet supplies.

Over the past year the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts from several counties have been our greatest supporters.  They have given us hundreds of meals, and we are very appreciative.

And finally ...It's nice when your friends and family support your hobby

I want to thank my colleagues, Linda and Andrea, for thinking of IHS when they were shopping at Sam's Club. I found cases of breakfast bars, peanut butter crackers, applesauce cups, etc. sitting at my desk at work one morning before Thanksgiving.  I bought microwave entrees at the store and we had everything else to assemble meal packets in my stash of extras at home.  My family put together 24 meal packets after dinner on Thanksgiving Day.

The above people produced 123 full-day meal packets. This represents our minimum need every two weeks at the UVA Medical Center to make sure that no caregiver or outpatient from out of town for many days goes without food. It is estimated that this quantity of very deliberately assembled nutritious items is valued at no less than $615.00. These packets are meant to sustain for the day!

The need for meal packets will not go away soon. We so appreciate your assistance in helping people. I hope this cumulative review will allow others to consider how it comes together, and join in this most worthy of projects. Thanks to all of you.

Margaret Gorman, IHS Meal Packet Program Coordinator

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