Tuesday, May 2, 2017

First Check Received from the 2016 Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign

The opportunity annually for most state employees to become a donor to charities is through the state's payroll deduction program. Donor participation began in October 2016 and ended the last week of December.  Participating charities must complete the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign (CVC)  application process each year by May 5th, and hope and pray that potential donors will have received exposure to this charity's service objectives and dedicate a gift before the December deadline.

The list of state employee donors who made a gift to Interfaith Humanitarian Sanctum in the 2016 campaign:   57

The first check, along with the list of 57, was received during the first week of April 2017. Since most CVC donors use payroll deductions, CVC cannot disburse some of their gifts until they receive those amounts each payroll during the year. The total amount of the gift from these 57 state donors will be $ 3,643.64.

The list of state employee donors who made a gift to Interfaith Humanitarian Sanctum in the 2015 campaign: 27

The total amount of the gift from these 27 state donors was $ 3,593.00. As you can tell, the projection for this year, even with 30 more donors participating, is only $ 50.64 more than last year.

For employees at UVA who are already friends of the charity, growth from this important funding source can be achieved by your introduction of the charity's value for the least able patients who must come to UVA Medical Center and for those in need of immediate assistance for lodging, food, medications and other important needs. Take time to introduce other office mates to the IHS website and Google BlogSpot postings. 

Lastly, please remember that all of us at IHS are non-paid volunteers, and we are all donating what we can to IHS personally. Also remember - for transparency we hold the "Gold Seal of Approval" from the Guidestar.org national clearing house. Please do what you can. And, if you would like to donate now to our cause, please click the button below to go to our encrypted secure on-line donation form.


Thank you so much for your ideas and invitations to expose this charity's vital mission. NEVER shy away from seeking gift-giving from others when you know it will serve the needs of the least able.

Sincerely, T. Wade Clegg III and Sam McLawhorn

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