Tuesday, February 13, 2018

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I thought that you might like to know how we learn of lodging needs for the least able who must come to UVA Medical Center for treatment and diagnostic appointments. All requests must come from a UVA Social Worker assigned to each patient's case. This is not news to those who have assisted us for years, but it never hurts to repeat som e examples of requests just in case you forward this note to a friend or colleague to join this charity  in support of indigent patients and their caregivers.  
January 2018:   In the last 4-5 weeks IHS received 7  requests for lodging assistance.  One request required reservation in a commercial hotel, since the patient was to be accompanied by a spouse and small child. There is no accommodation for children under 18 years of age in the UVA Hospitality House; however, due  to extreme weather, the couple had to postpone the trip from southern Virginia. A commercial room was booked and canceled, but the hotel did not charge the charity, since the patient did not use the room.  
Two requests w ere for cancer patients. Neither patient is identified nor their Medical Record Number provided herein or on the Social Worker e-mail request. Both requests below were honored, as were the other single night requests from other Social workers.
  Patient #1:  "I have a newly diagnosed advance cancer patient who needs to be here for 6 weeks of XRT. She lives 4 hours away. She had to quit her job and has applied for disability, but will not hear back for months. She has no other source of income and is no longer married.  Her daughter-in-law is coming with her to help out. They have been able to get some money together for gas and food, but lodging funds are hard for them. Social Worker FH still needs to meet them, but she is starting tomorrow, so I wondered if you would be willing to pay for the following nights:  (3 nights this week; 3 nights next week; and 1 night the next week).  So it would come to $ ____.  Could you let me know today? Thank you!!!!!!"
Patient #2:  "Would IHS be willing to cover t h e stay of a patient and her caregiver? The patient had missed several appointments over the course of the last few weeks due to unreliable transportation. She lives nearly 100 miles away. It is very important that she finishes her cancer treatment.  She was able to make it here on Wednesday and her radiation team has adjusted her schedule so that she can finish sooner than originally expected. She will go home Tuesday. Her treatment requires mild anesthesia so she must have a support person with her. She has been unable to work during her cancer treatment.  Could IHS pay for two people for 6 nights for a total of $ ____? Thank you for your consideration."
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Remember ... IHS re-stocks the Social Work Office food cabinet in the Social Work Office on the main floor of the main hospital, based on a call and e-mail request by the Social Worker assigned to monitor the full-day meal packets. IHS re-stocks the kitchen supplies at UVA Hospitality House (HH) upon receipt of a list of needs via e-mail from the HH Supervisor. In general both activities occur every three weeks, and usually within 48 hours of the requests. 
And, as always, please remember that all of us at IHS are non-paid volunteers, and we are all donating what we can to IHS personally. Also remember - for transparency we hold the "Gold Seal of Approval" from the Guidestar.org national clearing house. Please do what you can. And, if you would like to donate now to our cause, please click the button below to go to our encrypted secure on-line donation form.

Your thoughtful consideration of our efforts is so appreciated.   
Sincerely ... T. Wade Clegg III & Sam McLawhorn
IHS Founding Members 

SPECIAL NOTICE for UVA Medical and University staff, and all other Virginia Commonwealth State Employees. The Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign (CVC) begins October 1, 2018.  Interfaith Humanitarian Sanctum, Inc. (IHS) is a CVC charity.  To support our work for lodging, food programs, prescriptions & co-pays, pediatric support with infant car seats and clothing, etc. , designate your gift to CVC code 003648..

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