Sunday, April 21, 2019

Remembering Elisheva

As I write these few paragraphs, it is after 2 a.m. on April 6, 2019. On this day April 6, 2016 I was rushing to get back to the UVA Hospital before sunrise. Earlier I had been observing the response members all working in panic mode to revive this girl of my dream. From the slow bed on wheels from ER after six long hours, she was lifted onto a bed on the 4th floor. She screamed from the pain of that transfer, began to shake as the cardiac arrest propelled her down onto the bed. From that point I do not believe she was conscious. An aggressive regimen of compression to restart her heart began.  I had been told that she was still alive, but the team could not control her Internal bleeding, and her legs barely had a pulse. I kept waiting for someone, anyone, to excitedly exclaim "We have a heartbeat, a strong one!" But that never happened.

By mid-morning I had called Chief Chaplain Mildred Best. I asked Mildred if she would walk with me to the hospital viewing room. I met her in the main lobby and we walked down the hallway together. The young man who tried to save Elisheva' was leaning against the wall outside the viewing room.  I thanked him for his efforts and went in to see Elisheva.

Elisheva had only died a few hours ago. The sheet was pulled back below her neck. She literally
glowed.  She was so beautiful.

I go over these details everyday. For those who knew this lovely woman, please send her your thoughts.

My three daughters were here last weekend. Wade IV is in Los Angeles. We visited the magnolia tree we planted in the field by the Grace and Glory Church in Palmyra. It looked really healthy.  It's good to have a place to visit which is dedicated to someone so dear.  Each time I kiss my children, I know I'm kissing Elisheva'.  Remember how important they are.

Love to you all...   T. Wade Clegg III

SPECIAL NOTICE for UVA Medical and University staff, and all other Virginia Commonwealth State Employees. The Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign (CVC) begins October 1, 2019.  Interfaith Humanitarian Sanctum, Inc. (IHS) is a CVC charity.  To support our work for lodging, food programs, prescriptions & co-pays, pediatric support with infant car seats and clothing, etc. , designate your gift to CVC code 003648..

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